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Some fans tried that, with the tomahawk chop and all, a few years ago. It did not catch on. For myself, I am happy just singing our fight song, with gusto, after we score. That is enough tradition for me.

BTW, speaking of tradition, anybody else notice that they now refer to the cheerleaders as the Redskins Cheerleaders and not the Redskinettes. Perhaps this topic was covered while I was on vacation.

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You're right, they never say Redskinettes anymore. BUT, i do believe the name "Redskinettes" is on the calendar still. Maybe it's part of the phase out of the name REDSKINS all together. I don't like it one bit.

Anyways, as far as the war chant, I like the idea of anything that gets FedEx Field loud and together. Not to sound like a prick, but if FedEx Field was full of 86,000 Cowboykillas, the opposing team would not hear themselves think. Straight up.

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cowboykilla is right, the Redskins had the spear helmet long before FSU. We already have a fight song, we don't need the FSU war chant. That tomahawk chop is the pits. I hate it. Please, not at Fed-Ex, just get loud and proud.

Hail to the Redskins

Hail Victory

Braves on the warpath

Fight for old dixie(I mean DC):laugh:

FEAR THE SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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Please don't do that hideous FSU war chant. Then I'll have to just watch the scores to see how Spurrier does. I could never sit through another game if it ever caught on. I think it is a conspiracy by FSU alumni Redskins to get rid of us Florida fans once and for all. And... I think it would work. As devoted to Spurrier as we may be, we do have our limits. Though I guess I would probably wear that sasquatch/squanto headgear and ride that butt- ugly horse for 5 million a year.:puke:

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Originally posted by coacheddie

We need to adopt the FLORIDA STATE war chant at FEDEX FIELD.

It would rock the stadium and be something different also.

You extremeskins fans at the game - get it started!!!!!!!!!!:cheers:

Not in this or any other life! Are you absolutely insane? Henry's right. The song annoys everyone enough. Imagine about a hundred Skins fans singing it in a south Florida sports bar packed with fans of other teams.

The song will do quite nicely. Please don't blaspheme in here again. Thanks. :D

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