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End Whiner football

Murilo Bustamante

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If there is one major rule change I would make right now, it would be to end the forward progress rule.

When the NFL made their last major rule change, in 1977, they were trying to make it easier to pass. Unfortunately, by doing so, most defenses now try desperately to take away ONLY the deep pass. So the short pass is usually there.

Making the situation worse is so-called "forward progress." IMO, football is about taking territory and holding it, not "crossing a plane." If you stride or stomp or shove your way across a first down marker, you got it. If you scamper across and get knocked back twenty yards, IMO you didn't get jack.

The short pass used to be less effective because you would get knocked back five yards by a good corner. Now, it is the basis for one of the most boring styles of football in existence (Forty-Whiner football). Short passes all day.

Plus, it adds a new dimension to the game. When a receiver catches a short slant and is grabbed, should he struggle, or go down to hold the yardage?

Get rid of forward progress!

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So when do you blow the whistle? If you eliminate forward progress then you could pick up a guy and carry him down to the opponents endzone.

The forward progress rule is invoked only when the defensive player(s) forcibly reverses the forward motion of the offensive player. If the offensive player, under his own control, moves backwards then the rule isn't invoked.

I don't see how you could eliminate this rule unless you instituted another rule that states you blow the whistle after a certain amount of time the offensive player is no longer under control of forward motion. Not very realistic if you think about it.

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