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Disrespect from fans

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It amazes me how much Philly fans disrespect the Redskins and our offense.

Seems every time I go over there to read some Eagle news, All I see is Skins bashing. "If we can't beat the deadskins, who can we beat?!"

I really hope we shut them up. It's not like we don't have the talent, is it ignorance?

If you want to read something, go to Igglephans.com and read the Thread entitled "Next week is NOT a must win scenario....."

Their ignorance is pathetic.

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Igglephans rank only slightly above Cowpukers on the evolutionary scale which isto say they are a few generations removed from pond scum. The closest I could find to a semiobjective post was the following:

"Next Monday, we see for ourselves!!"

In response to message #1

I figured this one for a walk-over before the season started, but it's shaping up to possibly be a contest. If the Eagles don't get pressure on Matthews, then the Skins are going to put some points up on the board. And Davis is always dangerous.

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Um, why does it bother you what other teams fans say on their own message boards?

Their ignorance is pathetic

Should I point out the double standard of all the Wuerfel threads here during the early preseason? You guys do the same thing here that Eagle fans and every other fan does on every other message board.


And for the record I don't post on that site or the "official site". I prefer a degree of intelligence in the places that I post and both of those are below my standards. :cool:

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This is the kind of invective that a more typical Philly fan calls sensible commentary:

"so who's going to buy their new redskins hat?"

not me, and i hate them even more after i watched that douche bag trotter smirk like a jackass and talk about monday night.....i hope that he breaks his leg.....and i don't care what you think of me, i hope that he breaks his leg.


No wonder they beat up our mascot and cheered when Irvin was carried off in a stretcher.

Karma is a bee-itch though...heh heh heh

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