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Joe Gibbs Press Conference/Vinny Interview/ES Questions merged


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gibbs just said 11 players have helped with contract renegotiations. he also said lavar had the option to stay as a redskin or make him a FA and have him give back money.

Let us know if he says if those contracts will be restructured even with a new deal. Sounds like we have a core group that likes to each other :cheers:

980 will also provide the 1:00 press conference

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I want to know what the other deal was. Gibbs just said the last two seasons have been rocky. Wishes things had gone smoother. For those of you who aren't seeing this. Joe Gibbs just makes everything seem okay and feel better. No one hates this more than I do, but Gibbs makes it all better.

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From earlier...


It's on, Gibbs is giving an exclusive interview with Michaels.

There were two scenarios, one where he would play next year here with guaranteed money and the other was to make him an FA this year and he could help out with that...and Lavar choose the second one.

Gibbs said that it really boiled down to the two decisions and Lavar decided to leave.

Gibbs hopes that Lavar gets a fresh start somewhere and has a chance to pick his team.

Gibbs says that the money is not important it is the players that you get with the money.

He said that they are one of the agressive free agency teams in the league. And they think that is the right way to operate. Now they just want to make sure that they have a great game plan and with no CBA they will be limited.

They have been working themselves silly lately and are ready for whatever happens.

Gibbs wishes that the last two years had been smoother with Lavar, but they have been pretty tough for everyone mainly because of Lavar's injury.

He kind of wishes that these things did not have to happen, but that is just the way that things are.

Michaels says they will talk with Vinny after the Press conference.

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Not surprised about LaVar...he has heard this superstar BS for so long he actually thinks he deserves the big money. In reality, Marcus Washington has shown more in two years than LaVar has in 5 years. Adios muchacho!


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