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Jeff Lacy/Joe Calzaghe (Boxing)


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The Unification fight between Super Middleweights (168 lbs) Champions (IBF & IBO) Jeff Lacy (21-0 w/17KO's) and (WBO) Joe Calzaghe (40-0 w/31KO's) was on Showtime tonight. A lot of folks probably haven't seen Calzaghe fight before. What was supposed to be a great fight, turned out to be a first class BUTT-WHUPPING. Tonight, Joe Calzaghe completely dominated Jeff Lacy with a 12 round unanimous decision. A lot of hype leading up to this fight and then Jeff Lacy puts out a piss-poor performance tonight. Lacy should have been embarassed for his performance. He's not a good defensive boxer. Lacy relies on his power too much. Tonight, Calzaghe exposed Lacy as an over-rated fighter. Calzaghe's hand speed was ridiculous. Maybe now, Joe Calzaghe will get a little respect from the boxing press. Lacy has a lot of work to do. He needs to work on his boxing skills and stop trying to throw a Knockout with every punch. :doh:

Gianluca Branco vs Miguel Cotto is on HBO in a few after the Moseley/Vargas replay.... :applause:

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Calzaghe put on a clinic. Though the ref allowed him to hold Lacy's left side all night long making Left Hook Lacy unable to throw his left. Had there been a warning early on in the fight, Lacy would have had a puncher's chance. Tonight, he didn't even have that.

Branco is a soft opponent for Cotto. After what Torres did against Cotto, Cotto deserves to take a soft opponent.

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