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I didn't realize I would cause such an uproar so let me introduce myself. I am an Eagles fan and the Redskins are my least favorite team. Why did I sign up for this site? Sure, to "rub salt in the wounds" but also because this site is always up to date with a lot of NFL news.

Plus, I've seen the posters on here. You guys are passionate and very intelligent guys. Well, most of you.

Anyways, I'm sorry for making it seem like I just signed up to troll your board. As time goes on I will make more contributing posts to the board. Again, sorry.

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Don't fall into the tr1 trap.

Finally, hang in "Around the NFL" rather than the Stadium as people who post in here are kind of cool while there are about 100X more people in the Stadium so you could have people flaming you just because of your team affiliation.

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Some Eagles fans have a good name over here. Don't **** it up by being a dick, capiche?

Yeah, Number5, TerpsEagles and Eaglez_Legendz are all well-respected posters. I can't think of anyone else...:whoknows:

:nana: -- You deserve it after your bogus "Eagles aren't cheap" post! :silly:

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