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This is why the owners won't agree to the NFLPA deal.

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The entire problem as I see it is actually greed. The NFL owners have transferred a lot of the revenue from tickets and the like to parking, suites, stadium license fees and other related stadium revenue. The reason a blue parking pass is $50 and the most expensive ticket is $93 dollars is because Jerry has redistributed the revenue from ticket sales where he get 30%+ percentage of to parking and licensing fees where he gets to keep 100% of the revenue. The players realize this and are asking for those revenues to be included. The net effect is in the range of $10+/- million per team. That is around $100 million in actual value to the franchise. So the players are asking these crafty businessmen to give up $10 million a year in revenue and around $100 million in equity in the franchise. Not that difficult to understand from a commercial real estate perspective.

The cost for season tickets for a $93 ticket is actually $2,730 per year. The players are only sharing $930 dollars per ticket per year. I understand why the teams don't want to share the other $1800. Some of these teams actually need to have the extra revenue to pay the debt on the new stadiums and debt to purchase the franchise.

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