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Two people at work had them removed...

My boss was one of them. She was out of work for a week keeping the foot elevated, and then she wore one of them boots on her foot for another week. After that she was back to normal.

Another lady had them done and was miserable. She was out of work for two weeks and wearing a boot for at least a month after that. She looked to be in pain the whole time. I guess her removal was more invasive/problematic that my boss' surgery. At least that's the impression I got when they were comparing notes in front of me....:(...

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That picture was extreme! Most often people's bunions are just that little bone that pokes out because your big toe leans more outward than inward (toward each other).

Uh...so I've heard :paranoid:

What a minute....your big toes point inward toward each other??!?....I once overhead some people talking.... :paranoid: .....and one of them had a light case of bunions, their big toes pointed slightly away from each other (so each big toe pointed to its relevant pinky toe).

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