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WR problem not a new one

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This thread is intended to show that when the Redskins do take a WR in the early round, they tend to make a suspect choice, considering who is left up on the board. It looks likely that we will take a WR first in this years draft, but is that a good idea considering recent history? A look at drafts when we have taken a WR in the higher rounds (1-3) and who we missed out on:

2003 Draft:

:helmet:Taylor Jacobs (Selection #44)

Anquan Boldin (54)

Nate Burleson (71)

Kevin Curtis (74)

Brandon Lloyd (124)

2001 Draft: (this is unreal)

:helmet:Rod Gardner (Selection #15)

Santana Moss (16)

Reggie Wayne (30)

Chad Johnson (36)

Chris Chambers (52)

Steve Smith (74)

1995 Draft:

:helmet:Michael Westbrook (Selection #4)

Joey Galloway (8)

Frank Sanders (47)

1992 Draft:

:helmet:Desmond Howard (Selection #4)

Carl Pickens (31)

Jimmy Smith (36)

Robert Brooks (62)

WRs through draft since Snyder (all encompassing): Rod Gardner, Taylor Jacobs, Darnerian McCants, Etan Howell, Cliff Russell

(Chris Cooley has been ten times better than any WR taken under Snyder and he was drafted as a FB!)

Notable WRs through free agency/trade since Snyder: Santana Moss, Lavarnues Coles, Irving Fryar, David Patten, Jacquez Green, Kevin Lockett

We haven't had what I would call a good WR corp since 1999 with Westbrook, Connell, Thrash and Fryar (Alexander at TE). I would love to have something like that this year. Perhaps Moss, Koren Robinson, Aromashadu and Patten (Cooley at TE?).

Hopefully this was an interesting history lesson if nothing else.

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