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Can You Explain This to me?


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Is there any explanation out there besides for "the media hates the Redskins" for why we and not the Cheifs, Raiders, Jets or Broncos will have to play with 20 rookies. If you look at the above link, you will see that all of those team are going to be in worse cap situations then the Redskins headin into tommorow (assuming the CBA doesnt get fixed). Is there a reason besides for King and Pastabelly hating us? I am getting confused as to why every article I read says that we have to feild 20 rookies, while KC and Broncos will have no problem in a bidding war for TO. Please explain, and if this has already been brought up, I couldnt find it, so please send me in the right direction. Thank you.

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I'm pretty sure we are in the worse cap situation to be honest. While others may have larger contracts with their players, I think ours are actually more per-season than the other teams on that list. Especially with signing bonuses(we have 2 alone that are over $4m).

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