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Eagles Keep An Eye On The Jets


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Eagles Keep An Eye On The Jets

By Chuck Hixson

Date: Feb 28, 2006

The Eagles are watching for the Jets to see which way they go on their offensive line. Plus, there are a couple of free agents that the Eagles have various levels of interest in talking to once the free agency signing period officially arrives.

According to a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Eagles have a close eye on what the New York Jets will do with C Kevin Mawae who has turned down a pay cut. Mawae has a cap value of over $4 million which the team wants to reduce. If Mawae is cut loose, look for the Eagles to make a run at signing him. If they do wind up signing him, that would likely mean the end to veteran C Hank Fraley who has one season left on his contract.

Fraley and Jamaal Jackson figured on engaging in a battle for the starting job in camp, but if Mawae does wind up with the Eagles, Jackson will have to find other ways to get into the lineup.

The Eagles have a passing interest in Seattle Seahawks DT Rocky Bernard but according to a team source, they're concerned that he may be a one-year wonder and likely won't pursue him.

They have a much stronger interest in Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antwaan Randle El but want to see what his market price will be so they may wait a little bit after the free agency period begins to make him an offer.

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Mawae is 36, I do believe. Isn't that whole idea against the Eagles MO to sign old guys? Reid believes that if you are over 30, you're not worthy.

The Eagles won't sign this guy. Who the hell is Chuck Hixson anyway? Is he just pulling this **** out of his ass?

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