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Players Selfish?


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The players want revenue sharing to get more monies pass down to smaller teams so there average salaries will go up. But why should great organizations give monies to those when the players do not want to give any concessions.

If I was the owners I would say to the players we will give if you will give. Everytime one of you guys signs a contract for an advertiser the owners should get a cut. You sign a 20 million dollar contract with Nike, why not the Owners Association get 10% or what ever percentage. Why don't the players put 10% of that money aside if not for the owners but for those long forgotten players who did not have the chance to sign the lucritive contracts they have now. Why is it the owners and not the players association that is the bad guy. They take care of the players that are here now but what about those that get hurt, why should the owners be blamed for them not being taking care of. They have there own union for that. The players just need to understand how good they have it and take care of there own and let the owners take care of the teams, stadiums and so forth.

The owners do make alot of money but they also take a great risk as many owners have failed and had to sale out or move the teams to stay afloat.

Yes the players take risk and get hurt and loose income. But the players who sign all these advertising agreements need to give a percentage to the Players association so the association will stop asking ownership for more. Or ownership should turn around and say, you want revenue sharing lets share in all the outside dollars the players get!

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