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So... How about the "well-dressed" Amani Toomer?


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John Clayton lists Toomer as a potential cap-casualty on ESPN.com.


I don't know about you all, but he might be a good fix for a year or so while we get our defensive line and a couple of other positions figured out. He's a veteran, he has size, he can help us in the NFC East, and he can still play. He's been relegated to the #4 option in the passing game in NY (behind Plex, Shockey, and Tiki), but I think it's more about their excellence rather than his weak play. For the right price, I think he'd be a good enough number two that we'd have ourselves a significant upgrade at that position with room to draft and groom a player for the future. Most importantly, Amani does stretch the field and will certainly command attention off of Moss, and IMO, he would do a better job of doing so than Patten.

In regard to a contract, a 60-catch, 31-year old receiver can't command a huge number. I think he might be attainable, and since we're a good team with a good future and he's approaching the end of his career, we might be an even better fit for him.

A Moss-Toomer-Patten-Rookie wideout corps doesn't look so bad to me.

What about you all?

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