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Madden Draft/NCAA Football


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Pick up NCAA football used at your local EB, tell them when you're getting it that it's a gift for your brother, but you don't know if he has it already.

Take it home, download the rosters, then go right back to the store to return....

Kinda cheap, but it would work... lol

Are you sure you can do that? I thought once you've made a purchase on stuff like CD's, DVD's, and games that you've bought it.

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as long as you have it for a game system and can import rosters and draft classes, you are set. I remember in one franchise for 2004, I reused 4 draft classes over 15 seasons. I think I had 2 Sean Taylors, 2 Mike Williams, and a lot of other stud players in that franchise.

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I wouldn't risk the buy and return deal.

There are several devices called either xport, sharkport, or maxdrive.

All connect your computer to Ps2 by usb and you can search the web for downloadable draft classes.




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