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Today felt good because...


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Today was a great game in many aspects.

We learned that SOS did really know what he has with SD and saved him in the preseason (nice move!). We didn't forget him when we were behind or the game was close. It also looks like he's going to get more of the little dump offs than he did in the past. There isn't anything wrong with that in my book.

We learned that our receivers can make the big catches and look like they can play in this league. SOS may have had a lot of smaller and faster receivers at UF, but it's not like 6'4 220 pound receivers are that prevalent coming out of high school. SOS likes guys who can run good routes and make catches regardless of their size. While I can't comment on the precise route running from watching today's game, the guys caught just about everything thrown their way. Having more than one go to guy makes us harder to defend.

We learned that SOS picked the right starting QB. Besides the one bad pass to our lineman that resulted in their TD, he played very well. He made nice passes, nice adjustments , and threw the ball away when nothing was there.

We learned that SOS's offense can work against a first team defense for an entire game. I don't care who it was against - SOS's play calling worked.

We learned the the O-Line sucks and coach Helton should be fired. We gave up one sack, had a 300 yard passer and a 100 yard rusher. We should have at least 500 yards passing and 200 yards rushing. We need to work on that in practice this week. ;)

Sure it's only one game - but it was a game we were supposed to win and we did. That's what we have to do. Sure there were some negatives - the kicking game and lack of pass rush, but overall a good way to come out of the gate, especially with our division foes stumbling.

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The best part of the win, is it is a sign that we will win games we SHOULD be winning. When Arizona made it 23-30 in the 4th quarter, I could easily see a Norv team buckling under pressure and dying, yet we stepped the D up and never let them do much from the rest of the way out.....If we beat the teams we SHOULD beat, and throw in a couple of wins against teams we CAN beat, then we should be on the way to the playoffs....

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