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Design is important in headwear deliberation


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just thought it was funny that the cowboys star was not in the top five, but 2 other nfc east helmets were.

" top 5 NFL helmets all time ...

•Minnesota Vikings (1985-present). The Vikings have had this basic design since 1961, and the minor tweaks they have done over the years — most notably changing the face mask color to purple in 1985 and finally matching the helmet paint color with the uniforms in 2002 — have made these almost perfect.

•Philadelphia Eagles (1996-present). These "winged" helmets have been one of the best (and more recognizable) designs in the NFL and were significantly improved when owner Jeffrey Lurie introduced "Midnight Green" in 1996.

•Washington Redskins (1965-69; 2002 home games). These dark burgundy and old gold classics, with the spear on the side, were brought back in 2002 as a throwback look. They should be brought back permanently — but with burgundy face masks.

•St. Louis Rams (2000-present). According to historical records, the Rams' horns were the first actual logos that were painted on helmets — back in the days of the Cleveland Rams. The new metallic gold introduced in 2000 makes the horns look even more stylish.

•San Diego Chargers (1988-present). So many people want the Chargers to revert to their collegiate blue (aka powder blue) uniforms — even their players. Says Hardwick, "I don't care much about helmets. I do want to get one of our throwback helmets though. I want to give it to my dad. That's the coolest helmet in football." But SSUR believes the current navy looks better.

... and the 5 worst

•Buffalo Bills (2002-present). The basic logo, introduced in 1974, isn't too bad. It's the forcing of the additional colored stripes of navy and nickel into the traditional royal blue and red that makes this design so hard to stomach.

•Baltimore Ravens (1999-present). This logo is too busy. The B within the raven's head just looks forced, and the overall style should be streamlined.

•Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976-96). I'm all for new and exciting color combinations, but this inaugural color scheme of orange and red? Ugh. It's a good thing "Bucco Bruce" is retired.

•Oakland Raiders (1964-present). This logo is a big favorite of traditionalists, but what is the appeal of a smirking "Race Bannon" (of Jonny Quest fame)? The Raiders could modernize this logo without losing too much of the tradition. Black face masks would help, too.

•New York Jets (1964-77; 1998-present). Another example of style vs. tradition. This current "retro" logo has too many elements incorporated into it, and none of them has anything to do with actual jets."


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