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Draft Lineman Not Glory Boys.


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Can anybody dispute how the main contributors to the Washington Redskins made it and won all the Superbowls.......THE MEN IN THE TRENCHES! Yes, football is a team effort, but you have to understand the way the game is played and lost. "THE HOGS" were the best lineman in the game and the Defensive linemen also. Thats why it is crucial to draft the lineman on both sides of the ball as young men to mold together a high caliper team and not the glory boys who catch 3-5 balls a game. That should be left to the more experienced WR who still have a few good years in them with the experience under their belt.

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I'll definitely agree that linemen on both sides of the ball are a key contributor to winning in football. Offensive and Defensive linemen are the foundation on which the entire team is built.

My only concern is that I would prefer to see PROVEN VETERAN lineman acquired via trade or free agency when available rather than seeing unproven rookies acquired through the draft. Especuially after the first two-three rounds (max.) of the draft. I am sure those of you who know me from my time at KFFL remember that I have not been a big fan of the NFL Entry Draft as the means to build a team since the inception of the Salary Cap. It's much too big of a risk for the amount of reward generally associated with it.

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