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More Madden Talk/Questions. Help please.


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Hail, fellow Maddeneers!

Ok, I'm ready to take the plunge and get hooked up online. I can't think of a better way to pass the offseason! :)

I have a couple of questions, however.

I have both platforms. XBOX and Sony. Which one do I hook up?

Do I have to have Madden '06? I only have '05 right now.

Is there some hardware to avoid/some better than others?

I have been playing the computer with my own offensive and defensive playbooks for as long as I've had '05. About 40% of my runs are tweaked to my design but 100% of my passing plays have been tweaked. I don't tweak defensive plays but my defbook has everything and the kitchen sink! I realize this puts me imediately at a huge disadvantage as I'm pretty sure I can't use my own playbooks, right?

If I am right, who's offensive playbook do I adopt? I have to have the shotgun and I favor a short to medium possetion passing game mixed with a power running game. (Kind of West Coastish, I suppose).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!!


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I can't speak to the Xbox, but I know about PS2. To play online, you'll have to get the Sony network adaptor and have an ISP. You also need to pick up Madden 06, as only the current year game version is available online.

As far as playbooks, I'm pretty sure you can download it to the new version. If not, I use the Rams West Coast offense, which has the short/medium passing game and a lot of power running formations. Also, has shotgun, but somewhat limited. You can also try out KC's offense, which has a lot more shotgun formations. GB is very good too.

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