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Running Scared (Movie)

Spaceman Spiff

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Anyone seen it yet? It's got Paul Walker, so I knew it'd be bad...and while it had its cool moments, it was a cliche riddled mess. I don't mind cussing in movies, but when you're having actors cuss just for cussing, it gets old.

Sex drugs and violence are fine, but at least have a decent story.

Spoiler ahead....

Anyone else seen it think the whole child molesting bit was out of left field? What the HELL was that? Who didn't see it coming that Paul Walker was an undercover cop? Wouldn't it occur to Paul Walker to catch the guy going down the stairs to ask for the gun after he said he cleaned the guy out at the poker game? Weren't there too many coincidences? What were the chances that the prostitute and the russian kid were going to the same diner that paul walker and his kid were at? How'd the mafia guys keep finding Paul walker at random times throughout the movie? AGH bad movie. Only good thing were some of the action scenes and special effects. And the strip club. :)

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