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Poll: One Redskin player to have dinner with


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This poll is only about players. No coaches involved, or else everyone would obviously pick Joe Gibbs.

I apologize to the other 32 players that couldn't participate in the poll.

I know i left some talent off this list but you'll just have to cheer on the others....

The obvious; Sean Taylor. Boy that would be interesting but what happened to LA?

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I picked Ramsey. How can you not have tons of respect for a guy who had the starting job taken away from him in the first half of the first game of the season, took it like a true professional, and could still step in against the Giants and play the way he did? I have a LOT of respect for him.

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I voted for Portis mainly for the all-around fun involved, plus he seems like a really nice, chill guy. For a relaxed entertaining dinner, it'd be between Portis and Cooley. Cooley seems like a typical college kid and would probably have some good stories to share about his life and of course, the cheerleaders. If I were to pick someone for good conversation however, it'd be Brunell just to hear him out on some different issues.

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You put the punter and long snapper on this list but not Lavar Arrington. He is still on the team you know. I don't know why he wants to be though after seeing something like this.

Good. I hope he doesn't want to be on this team anymore. He doesn't deserve to be.

Sorry, me and my family have had a bad history w/ LaVar Arrington.

My older brother, who played TE for Northwestern for 2 years (before he busted his knee) got punched in the mouth by Arrington in a NW/PSU game back in 1998.

Arrington claims he was trying to pop the football out, but that is complete bs. He was simply taking out his frustration on my brother because he was having a miserable game. He overan a td the series before....

As for my dad, he was running a football camp back in 97' at Penn, not Penn State, and called Arrington and a few other penn state football players to give some advice to the kids at his camp. Arrington and Brandon Short said yes...and then what do you know, he decides to not come, explaining that he forgot and had to help his grandmother. Brandon Short owed up to his word. It turns out, Arrington didn't know it would take 3 hours to get to Philly from University Park and just decided not to come. PATHETIC.

Therefore, i've decided to leave LaVar Arrington off the list because i think he is grossly overrated and greedy. As for randy thomas, i meant to put him on the list. my apologies.

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First of all, he's sharp and likely could discuss something beyond 'pass the Heinz 57'. Secondly, despite hearing him speak numerous times and his high profile, I don't feel like I know that much about him or what he's about personally. He's extremely guarded in his comments - I'm sure Gibbs loves that about him.

I think he'd be a very interesting guy to get to know.

Can recognize blitz packages in a single glance and break your heart in two throws; moreover, he's a leader and humble, that will be evident in his mentorship to JC.

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