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Poll: One Redskin player to have dinner with


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This poll is only about players. No coaches involved, or else everyone would obviously pick Joe Gibbs.

I apologize to the other 32 players that couldn't participate in the poll.

I know i left some talent off this list but you'll just have to cheer on the others....

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how the hell is randy thomas not on there? The man is an eating machine?

like i said before, only 20 could make the list.

Talents like Randy Thomas and Lavar Arrington were snubbed in favor of Patterson and Derrick Frost. Tagliubue is looking into the situation, but it is unlikely that he'll make any progress in finding thomas or arrington a spot.

Lets just give Thomas "the Shawn Springs Award" given to the player that is the least respected around the league but is deserving of a pro-bowl nod. The award was named after Springs who has been snubbed 2 years in a row after fantastic seasons.

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First of all, he's sharp and likely could discuss something beyond 'pass the Heinz 57'. Secondly, despite hearing him speak numerous times and his high profile, I don't feel like I know that much about him or what he's about personally. He's extremely guarded in his comments - I'm sure Gibbs loves that about him.

I think he'd be a very interesting guy to get to know.

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I said Portis. Honorable mentions to Brunell, Washington, and Cooley. All these guys would be really entertaining, Im sure. Jansen and Springs Im sure would be cool too, they do a good job on MNL. I love Santana and Sean, but Im not sure they would be the best guys to talk with.

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