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Skins-Cowboys Joke


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A priest is walking down the street when he sees a man standing on a ledge, threatening to jump. He exorts to the man, "My son, my son. Please don't jump. Think about all of your family and friends you'll leave behind to mourn you."

The man responds, "Aw, my family has disowned me and all of my friends have betrayed me."

The priest then says, "But, my son. God loves you. He doesn't want to see you do this to yourself."

The man gets even more agitated, responding, "God doesn't love me. If He did, He wouldn't have let me get into the mess I'm in, now."

The priest, now, is really nervous, until he comes up with a bright idea.

"My son! Think of the Redskins! Joe Gibbs is back. The team had a GREAT run last season and looks like it's on its way back to the Super Bowl!"

"Redskins?" the man responds. "I HATE the Redskins! I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan!"

The priest responds, "WELL, THEN GO AHEAD AND JUMP!"

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My favorites

"A woman in Dallas calls 911. When the officer answers the phone the woman is hysterical and tells the cop that a man has just broken into her home and she thinks he intends to rape her. The officer explains that they are extremely busy at the moment and tells her "Just get the guy's jersey number and we'll get back to you."

How do you keep a Dallas Cowboy from robbing your house? Paint a goal line in front of your door.

Michael Irvin demanded a trade from the Cowboys to the Eagles, because he wanted the crack in the Liberty Bell.

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Joke, but a true story....

My 4-year old son has a couple of cousins that come over to the house--a 7 yr. old boy & a 5 yr. old girl. A year ago, both of them accidentally left their hats at our house...a pink tiara and a ballcap.

I come home, and I find my son running aroung the house with the tiara on, yelling, "daddy, I'm a fairy, I'm a fairy" My wife has this look of shock while laughing about it, & she explains to me that he'd been doing this for the last hour.

With a deadpan stare, I looked at my wife & said:

"honey, as long as he doesn't put on that damn COWBOYS ballcap, we'll be ok."

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A 13 year old boy, from Dallas, comes home from school with a smile on his face. His mother asks, "How was school today?" The boy then responded, "It was great mommy, I had sex with the teacher today!" His mother was shocked and couldn't believe what she just heard so she sends him to his room to wait until his father comes home. Later, when his father comes home from work, his wife tells him, "You might want to ask your son what he did today." So the father does just that. "Son, your mother sent me in here to ask how your day went," he said. "It was great daddy, I had sex with the teacher today!" His father was shocked but immediately began to smile and gave his son a high-five and says that he is so happy that he is going to buy his son a new bike for that good news. The boy then replied, " But daddy, I do not know if I will be able to ride that bike because my a** still hurts. :laugh: :laugh:

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