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A friend and I were talking and we think they should switch NFL Europe rules up a bit to make it more of a minor league farm system for the nfl. Like each team in NFL Europe would have 2 or 3 NFL teams' players on it. An example, the Galaxy would only have players from the Redskins, Jets, and Cardinals. Instead of having a guy here and there on a few different teams. This would give a chance for redskins players to gel and play together and work in similar systems as they would if they got moved to the big team. I feel like it would be much more competetive and then we could see our practice squad guys and our draft picks play more. Any opinions?

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indaslums -

Not a bad idea. I agree that a true farm system would be really cool. It would produce a little more loyalty - using your example fans of the galaxy would naturally become at least minor fans of the Cardinals, Skins and Jets. It is easier to become a fan when you can actually learn to follow and learn the players. I hate baseball, I can't deny a minor interest in the Atlanta Braves because their farm team is here in Richmond. It is neat to hear when a player needs rehab they come here. It is all over the news that "Smoltz will be pitching in Richmond tonight" etc. It gets all the fans excited when a pro comes down to the farm team, and it is even cooler when you see a farm team player get pulled up to the big leagues.

It would also be cool if players could develop "chemistry". Say a QB and WR or more likely a center and a guard learning to work together - then they both get called up. That would be great.

One downside to limiting the teams though is say the skins, cards, and jets all wanted to send a few Defensive linemen each... there would be a glut at one position, and the playing time they would be looking for would never come.

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