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Redskin World. Success! Thanks #1Skinsfan.

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I've started making an avi of the spinning globe with the us in burg and gold. Below is a sample pic from the avi. Currently it's about 20 megs and doesn't look that good. I am hoping one of the graphic masters on the site can give me some recomendations on how to spice it up a little and make it smaller. Maybe a title and some more graphics?

edit: I know nothing about editing movies. Nada. I got this far using my GIS software, I would be willing to give what I have away to somebody who could make use of it. Maybe it's just the freak mapper in me, but I think this could be really cool!


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I optimized and got it to 180x152. 286k. When I upload to pbucket it resized to 38x20 and 46 k. It sucks. What else should I do?

RSWorld2.gif WTF?

It actually starting to look pretty cool before I upload.

use imageshack to upload it. Not photobucket, b/c it automatically resizes the pic, while image shack doesnt.

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