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Random Thought Thread

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Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar release party tonight :beavisnbutthead::point2sky

The 2nd season of World's Biggest Douche(tte)s Jersey Shore also begins tonight :gus: :shot:

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so i need some help? what is the difference between a motion plus wii controller and a regular controller?

I think the motion plus is supposed to be more sensitive to your motions.... like an upgraded version.

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so i have 1 already can i just get a regular controller and a nunchuck and still be able to play bowling and games like that

Certain games need the Motion Plus add-on. It should say on the back of the game if it needs Motion Plus or not.

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A good friend of mine from high school recently got engaged. Just a few weeks later she got married. Can't really call it eloping bc they had family there, but she didn't say anything to friends/colleagues about the wedding beforehand. Methinks they will have a special announcement in a month or so ;)

She is pregnant. renaissance = genius.

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Everything okay at home, twa?

Of course, she just expressed her great appreciation for me and all I mean to her.

and I grunted at her.:silly:

She didn't take it well.


She does have a good left still.

uh oh ,she has started nibbling

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