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So I step outside for a fresh of breath air and it is 86 stinkin' degrees at 2am! Found out a couple of minutes ago that the heat index is 92.

Message to October - please get here quickly.


Yeah, I went out to get the paper. There's not even a hint of chill in the air.

Forecast high for today: 102.


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Conversation I had with a 'huge' Cowboys fan the other day.

Me: So you have Directv, right? To watch the Cowboys on Sunday Ticket.

Cowgirl fan: Nah, I have Dish.

Me: So how do you watch them play? Do you go to the bar or a friends house?

Cowgirl fan: Nah, I just watch Redzone channel on Dish.


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So Friday night will be Girls Night, and a bunch of us are going to go down to the Gaslamp and bar hop...a few of us are going to stay in a hotel for the night because we don't want to have to worry about getting back to North County.

Anyhoo, we have been debating the hotel all week, and we really don't want to spend that much. So this morning I went on Hotwire and saw that a 4-star hotel was going for $114 (that's with taxes) in the Gaslamp quarter, so I jumped on it. On Hotwire you don't know the hotel you're booking until it's booked, which is why the prices are so low. So I was crossing my fingers that I'd get a good one. It ended up being The Westgate, which by the looks of its website and reviews, looks and sounds AMAZING!!!


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OK, analyze this dream. :ols:

I was at FedEx, but it wasn't. It was a brick high school stadium, but somehow I knew it was FedEx. I was sitting, corner-endzone obstructed view, with TLC and Ben, and my ex.

The Skins were playing the Steelers, and after the stadium announcer finished introducing the players, TLC and I turned to each other and said in unison, "The battery for the Redskins, Campbell (????) and Rinehart (?)" like it was a baseball game. I added, "The battery for the Steelers, Terry Bradshaw (WTF?) and Dermontti Dawson (um, ok.)"

So the game starts, with the Steelers punting to us from their own end zone (?). It's a really short punt, coming down around their own 15 yard line. Randle El (huh?) bobbles it, a bunch of players bat it, and it goes out of the Steelers end zone.

The ref was about to give the ball to the Steelers, but I was screaming my head off that it was our ball on the 20-yard line. He waved toward me as if to say, "STFU pal, I got it." And he put the ball on the 20, 1st and 10. My ex started ripping into me, saying, "Can't you just enjoy the game? Why do you always have to make a scene?"

I told her they did exactly what I said, instead of giving the Steelers the ball. She just rolled her eyes.

After two failed runs up the gut by Earnest Byner (OK, I think I've completely lost it.) My oldest daughter threw a touchdown pass (Yep, I've lost it.) Thing was, while everybody else was wearing uniforms, she was wearing jeans and a green t-shirt.

I started running back and forth in the aisle, crying hard tears of joy as I celebrated her first NFL TD pass. (She looked really nice on the new jumbotron, BTW.) Then I ran into my ex an hugged her, and we both jumped up and down.

She broke the hug and said, "You know her arms were too far apart when she threw that right." I said, "Why can't YOU just shut up and enjoy the game?" :ols:

My alarm went off as I went around her to high-five TLC and Ben, saying out loud as I woke up, "That's my daughter! That's my daughter!"

I remembered every detail because I woke up and immediately wrote everything down. There are some dreams that are so vivid, and so meaningful that you don't want to forget a single detail. This probably isn't one of them, but I wrote it down anyway. :ols:

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So last night I was drunk, going to the bar, got into an accident, cut my hand up good and my knee as well... Luckily no cops were involved... I was literally less than 2 blocks from the bar too, I almost made it there without incident. And that's why you should never say, "I'm going to run to the bar instead of taking a cab"

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