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Random Thought Thread

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Yeah, Kris Allen is small. But he's still adorable.

And you can dislike his music all you want, I don't care. I have his cd- I just wish he had gone more pop instead of rock, because I don't really like rock, but he can still sing.

American Idol winners should NOT be doing the devil horns if they do it so sadly.

THESE guys can do it :beavisnbutthead:

A coworker is retiring; he brought in homemade BBQ for lunch today :hungry::drool::mmm:

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Not a fan of the screen looking like this. It's actually kind of difficult to see.

you are one of those wishy washy types huh? have a little heart man ...

my random thought:

Brett has only had one season over a 100 QB rating ... that's nuts.

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