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The Redskins charge $8 for a domestic beer. You can get it in an aluminum bottle - its size is 16 oz. You used to be able to get it draft and it came in a 20 oz plastic cup. Most people assume it's a 16 oz cup, but it is 20 oz. But last year, they stopped selling draft Bud :mad:

You're right, Mark. My mistake. Still, this is exactly why I do all my eating AND drinking at the ES Tailgate. :)

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Im so upset I lost the redskins charm on the necklace my cousin got me for christmas I searched the entire school for it

That sucks. I hope you find it. I lost mine waaaayyyyy back in about 7th grade then got another one the following year, yeah still rockin' it.


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"If you were a woman, he would've punched you in the face by now."


Oh ****, I haven't laughed that hard in a longtime....I was in tears the whole way through. :ols:

Gotta say though, Big Al does look like he's slimmed down. :pfft:

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So in a week and a half, I start dog-sitting an 11-year old golden retriever with diabetes. Poor thing needs insulin shots 3x a day, the whole nine yards. I'm going over to meet the dog and the owner next week to learn how to care for it while they're away. Should be interesting.

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Wow, I just saw some nerd rage at the office.

Two guys fighting over Iron Man 2. I was laughing the entire time because one of them has an indian accent and he likes to say, "YOU, YOU, YOU," before every sentence.

love it

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