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I'd say you have no idea, but judging by your sig, you know what I know.


I just clicked the 911 link in his sig.

That ship described in the vid, the USS Liberty, was my Dad's ship. I am intimately familiar with this incident. My father was on the bridge when the first rockets hit. My father knows the details of what went on. The narrator exaggerates greatly, and states details that simply are not true. The attack did not go on for hour after hour as the narrator claims. The defending fighter aircraft sent from USS America that were called back were called back, not because the President did not want to defend Liberty. They were called back because they were "Ready" aircraft, and therefore nuclear armed. The President did not want to defend Liberty with nuclear armed aircraft, so they were called back. There were other complications such as teletype messages for help sent by secure link which were missrouted due to their security classification. The torpedo did not blow a hole through both sides of the ship. It blew a hole through one side. The crap about a Russian spy ship is nonsense. The crew was not told they would be given life in prison or be killed if they talked about the attack. The crew was told to treat the incident as they would any classified matter, and since the majority of the crew already had security clearances, it is not difficult to keep the crew from talking. At 18:28, the film shows pics of two people while the narrator says "I've interviewed Admirals that were on the line...". LOL One of the pics is of my father, and my father was not an admiral. Yes, the Captain received the Medal of Honor, and yes, there was very little ceremony involved, but he was certainly not told not to tell anyone. That is made up.

There are major issues with this attack, that is true. But the narrator's conclusion is incorrect. While I (and the crew) do believe Israel correctly identified the ship as a United States ship and chose to attack it anyway, President Johnson did not order the USS Liberty to be sunk. That is a fairy tale. The most accepted theory is Israel chose to attack the ship because it was an intelligence ship, and it was bound to discover Israel's plan to invade the Golan Heights, which it, in fact, did the following day.

The fact that this guy could so blatantly get so many details wrong discredits the entire video.

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^ Mark, I meant what I said in general terms, not particularly that incident. You can't believe all the conspiracy theories, and that's why I look at issues on a case by case basis. I looked at his sig, I didn't click it, so I assumed that he was referring to the unanswered questions about 9/11 ( Why Cheney stood down NORAD when the first planes were hijacked, why WTC Building 7 was pulled/imploded when there was very little structural damage, why people in the WTC reported hearing explosions in the building coming from the basement that were so strong the walls were vibrating, why some news stations reported the collapse of the south tower before it happened, I could go on and on) that need to be answered.

I look at the Clinton era as a completely separate issue. He did some very questionable things while in office, and I'm not talking about Monica Lewinsky, but stuff even worse than that, really worse. Most of the stuff that I tend to focus on however, is what he did while he was governor of Arkansas, and the corruption that surrounded his tenure that kept under wraps.Most of this stuff is available to look at on various alternative news outlets, all you have to do is look for yourself. It's very helpful to look there when you need some big blanks filled in on certain political issues.

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I'm too excited to sleep!!!

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I want to marry Natasha Nice.

My right knee hurts after I play basketball.

I am never going to loan money to another person again because I keep getting screwed over.

Los Angeles is by far the toughest city to take girls down in.

Car washes shouldn't cost more than $8.

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