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Random Thought Thread

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Funny Ha Ha

tim James is a southern boy running for governor in alabama

Seriously, if you're going to sell Inglish learn English

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Hayley Williams is hott. Not a model for sure. But, rock chicks just do something for me.

No shame in my game. I saw her in AC on Friday. LMAO!

Is she tiny in person?

Lon "Not a Sermon Just a Thought" Solomon needs to :stfu:

The fact that he's a member of "Jews" for Jesus doesn't help.

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This all started last Tuesday with winds that kicked in with gusts around 45 mph average. I know one that I felt in the building I was working in at the time had to be around 60mph. Deer Valley clocked one gust at 84,Park City at 66,and The Canyons 64. It was as windy as I've seen it. Did wonders for everyone's allergies.

Your wind definitely made it up here the last 2 days. Sounds like my apt building is about to blow over into the Mississippi River!!!

According to accuweather our gusts are only getting up to the mid-40's tho :(

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Been there. Hope you're good at BSing.

am quite good actually, but if i knew i had a test i would of gotten a 100%

I have my AP Calculus AB exam tomorrow. Hoping for a 5. :fingersx:

quick whats the length of the curve from y=x^(3/2), from x=0 to x=4

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