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Random Thought Thread

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I hate it when that happens.

If it's a cc, make a claim. You are eligible for getting six months back, depending on your card.

Yeah it is a card. I don't know what the password or email is. That's how long I haven't even looked at that mess. It has been going on for quite some time I imagine. :mad:

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text from mom: did you have any trouble seeing this morning?

me: Yeah, so I just closed my eyes and drove with my senses...I think I did okay. Only a few minor scratches and a hobos shoe stuck in the grill.

Dude I get those Captain Obvious texts all the time.

Mom: hey it's cold outside, wear sufficient clothing

Well no **** sherlock :doh:

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Can't make any judgments until after Wed. night.

Gotta respect that. :)

She's an old friend, so I know the base is there. Anything else is just a bonus, and she's interested in the "bonus," so it's all good. :D

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