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Random Thought Thread

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I love reading the only the first and last pages of a longish thread on ES to see how much the topic has evolved. The "why do adults cuss in front of kids" thread started about f bombs and ended up as a discussion about dodgeball. :ols:

Is there an echo in here?...:pfft:

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I just want to say those of you who have a significant other who lives close to you or with you are extremely lucky. Watching your g/f drive away knowing you won't see her for a couple of months is so difficult. :(

Be patient. It will work out for you in the end. She is worth the wait. :)

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This Sunny show man...today they were giving out drinks to high schoolers and trying to ask them to prom

Keg stand with Dee :ols:

Was laughing so hard...damn man I should have started watching earlier. This show kicks ass!

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Dennis is the pretty boy. Mac is the one trying to be a badass. Not that tough dude.

Yeah I think I got it now

Mac - facial hair

Dennis - no

Dennis - Dee brother


It's all understood now

Is anyone else watching this Michigan - Miami (OH) NCAA hockey tournament game?

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