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Random Thought Thread

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Just now, PokerPacker said:

They know a lost cause when they see one.

Lol, that wasnt my experience, maybe up here they dont have patience for it. 


Maybe the one down there was small enough population they wanted people that suck to come back while up here theres so many they want the people that suck to stay home?  Absolutely saw people missing the ball in our group and someone coming up to give pointers.


Btw, I liked going at night, but that **** ain't cheap, only thing i dont like about Top Golf.

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That aint right, Kosh. Girl probably got a heart of gold, man.

































Her style is just busted af. Got that Ronald McDonald happy meal look going on

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On 2/28/2013 at 2:47 PM, Elessar78 said:

WHAT IF, A giant asteroid crashes into earth releasing spores that cause the Zombie apocalypse (as opposed to causing mass extinction) the same week an alien race decided to invade and enslave earth and it's inhabitants and humanity's only hope is a hot female scientist who has learned to grow an army of subservient dinosaurs from DNA extracted from mosquitoes preserved in amber?

I don’t know but ‘jelly’ in Spanish is ‘marmelada’.

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9 hours ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

That new Black Keys album is pretty good.


Got to hear.  I haven't liked a lot of their newer stuff so hopefully this latest album goes back to their roots 

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