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1 hour ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Superior Caffeine Alternative!

Hi-Fi Alphorns and Yodeling



If I want something with yodeling to wake me up, I'm gonna go a little more up tempo...



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10 minutes ago, Riggo-toni said:

Do tell.


Ok.  To understand this story you have to understand the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp...you have the headliner (Judas Priest or Alice In Chains or etc) that drops in for 1 maybe 2 days but for the full four days you mostly rehearse with new band mates and your “Rock Star counselor”(might be somebody kinda famous like Lita Ford/Rudy Sarzo or somebody like the bassist for Disturbed/drummer for Alice Cooper).  Anyhoo, Gary Hoey is very frequently a counselor, especially for the more “metally” camps.


Ive been to two camps, Judas Priest in Vegas 2014 and Judas Priest Hollywood 2017 and Hoey was a counselor both times.  But he wasn’t my counselor, I had Vinny Appice both times(awesome dude, btw).  On the first camp I had limited contact with him but he did pull our second guitar player out for some one-on-one tutelage while I was getting the bassist up to speed and, after the final night “big gig” at Mandalay Bay, he tracked me down at the bar to say some very complimentary things about my playing and buy me a shot of Jack.  So far, so good and he’s a super nice guy.


But the second camp is where the story gets good.  Unbeknownst to me and not really evident at the Vegas camp, there is a sizable contingent of campers(15-20) that basically go to ALL the camps...extremely wealthy folks that can maybe play a little bit and do the camps as a way to party like/with rock stars 5 days at a time, 5 or 6 times a year...doesn’t matter who the headliner is...yknow, douchebags.  So, because this second camp was in Hollywood as opposed to Vegas, I was far more sociable with the other campers/counselors(no blackjack to take up my time) and also overflowing with douchiness.  


On the second night, a young lady from Montreal who was one of the wealthy crew took a shine to me and kinda became my “shorty” for the duration and, on the third evening, she invited me to go to the after-party in Gary Hoey’s penthouse suite at the Hollywood Hilton where we all were staying.  Note: The Hollywood camp had gigs after both the 3rd and 4th night as opposed to Vegas which was 4th night only.


So, we close down the lobby bar around 11:30 and head on up.  And it was one of the wildest experiences I’ve ever had.  All these 1-percenters absolutely cracked outta their gourds screaming at each other, big main table covered in liquor bottles and foot-long lines of coke, Kid Rock songs blaring, Affliction shirts and gaudy Rolexes and $1000 sequined jeans...and right in the middle was Gary Hoey holding court like Caesar.  He shook my hand and offered me a rolled up benji and a slap on the back...I politely declined, btw.  After a couple hours of this, one especially rowdy Trophy Wife demanded we change the music so she could sing along to an Adele song.  She totally botched it (Coke/Tequila is tough on the larynx), threw a tantrum, got in a fight with her husband and decided to take her top off...****ing nuts.  By that time it was pushing 3AM and all of us had to be at the camp by 10AM the next morning for final day of rehearsal.  I told Montreal Angie I’d see her in the morning and slipped out like Homer going into the hedge.


Next morning I catch the shuttle to the camp hungover as hell on 6 hours of sleep and dreading the prospect of a day of rehearsal.  As I’m standing there trying to find the strength to make a cup of coffee, who walks up besides me?  Why it’s Gary Hoey and he’s fresh as a daisy!  Gives me a big slap on the back, calls me “Super Chief”, asks if I’m “ready to ROCK this morning” and half pulls a rolled up Benji out of his pocket and gives me a wink.


True story.  Great guy and a really great guitar player!

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Feel like I'm at a career crossroads.  I've been given good advice, now im getting flashed a shinier version of what I used to do that pays more.  Sister said follow the money until position to get what you want,I just wish someone would tell me cybersecurity engineer was better road to incident response for SCADA and ICS them being a SOC analyst was, no one yet.

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Spent about two hours setting this up this afternoons. At 9ft tho its still kinda to close to the ceiling. Not sure I want to fill it up with sand. Was a pain filling up the base to a strike bag. Imagine this would be bout the same.


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8 hours ago, Sacks 'n' Stuff said:

Bruce Springsteen sucks


I respect him and understand why people like him but I could never get into his music.  I've heard that Nebraska is an amazing album and I can never get more than 3 minutes into it.  


Except this one, it's got a pretty good beat.  But I think I like the cute Courtney Cox cameo at the end the most.



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