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Random Thought Thread

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How can I take that sound clip from earlier to somewhere else? I tried to select it and copy but when I pasted it wasn't there?I'm no computer wiz.

Not sure, which clip anyway?

(gah, my feet are falling asleep)

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The KG cop sound clip you ripped me with!

Oh that was Gibbs' yeah, I'm not sure how to post it in another thread.

maybe something to do with the 'img' or whatever it uses here.

But then again, I'm half asleep, so I don't know what the heck I'm talking about.

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I have now made enough posts in this thread to be able to claim that 10 of the 95 pages are contributable solely to me :doh: :doh: :doh:


Good Job, Apothecop! :applause:

I think I might almost have 90, not that I've been counting or anything.

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The title is called "other things Peter King discovered". Just pu the sound clip there and bam. INstant laughs tommorrow morning for Peter KIng haters. I personally could give a **** less about Petro.

I'm not sure the mods would like that....


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