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Random Thought Thread

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The thought of Baja Fresh makes me want to barf. It's the last real meal I ate before I got really ill a couple years ago - like sick for 2 months.

Their salsa is good though.

Damn that sucks. I've never had a problem there. I like that they have more choices than Chipotle. Baja has really good burritos and quesadillas. Their salsas are really good too.

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Q'doba and Chipotle are essentially the same thing - they both started in Denver in the mid 90's. They both are/were owned by major fast food places (Qdoba by Jack in the Box currently and McD's used to own a large part of Chipotle) and they both specialize in west coast quasi mexican/american foods.

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As long as you are keeping it to the same hall and not following her to her house, then its cool...lol

I'd say that's semi-stalkerish.

Who knows, though, she may not think so. Her opinion is what matters. Not ours.

Well I have to walk down the same hallway to get to our manufacturing area that I support so sooner or later I'm going to be going down that hallway, I just try and make it at a certain time of day lol.

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"That's where I want to live the rest of my life...a warm place with no memory"

Seriously, Shawshank is one of my absolute favorite movies ever.

Oh and Slacky says hey from Bannedland and he misses everyone...well mostly everyone...:silly:

Shawshank is in my top 5 favorite movies, and can be usually seen at #2 on my list. :D

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