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Random Thought Thread

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Lol I was able to see at least Games 1 and 2 off Youtube

Didn't pay a dime :hysterical:

Youtube is great for historical NBA footage plus people make great videos there pointing out the joke officiating in the current NBA lol

yeah I realized I could see some of the games on youtube, but I was more than willing to dish out some dough on DVD's that are high quality and that I know I'll have forever. With youtube, you never know when videos will be taken down and such.

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Nice. Any personal favorites so far?

Not really until I listen to them all again. It usually takes a couple times before I have any favorites that stick out...like when I'm listening to one track, and I randomly think about a prior one.

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my friend just text messaged me from work and said "i left roast beef, potatoes and rice in the fridge. eat it for me please"

well, i think i can do that...:D

No beer **** him Bro!:D

But,go ahead and eat that **** and then one day just leave him some cheese curls !:)

1/2 bag only!:D

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