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Random Thought Thread

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I had a great Saturday.

I was asked to go as the coach representative with a player from the HS I coach at to the Section V NYS Football All-Star Game Breakfast/Press Conference.

I'm the modified head coach now... He's a varsity player that I got into Syracuse to be their long snapper, but they couldn't provide him with the funds to be able to afford to go there so he's headed to New Hampshire.

Felt good. Great kid. I was offered to move up to JV to coach this year as well, but the entire modified staff has left the program besides me, so I'm going to take the reigns down here a little bit longer with the deal that I'm also going to be a varsity assistant.

Felt awesome.

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Today's the last "real" day of school. Tomorrow we're having a movie/field day with the 7th grade students, minus the kids who have been suspended or got three strikes.

Wednesday is a half day, and I only see each period for 10 mins each. YAYYY

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My blackberry was showing a "no battery" logo on there. So I goolged how to fix it. People kept on saying by a new battery. It wasn't the battery, it was the phone. So I found somebody that said they dropped the phone and it started working. So I put the phone in the holster and then dropped. The s.o.b started working again. lolol.

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