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Random Thought Thread

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Hey woman, you got the blues, cos you aint got no one else to use.

Theres an open road that leads nowhere, so just make some miles

Between here and there.

Theres a hole in my head where the rain comes in,

You took my body and played to win,

Ha ha woman its a crying shame,

But you aint got no one else to blame.


E-evil woman, e-evil woman, e-evil woman, evil woman

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met a Skins fan at the gym. She's a friend of a friend. We got to talking football, and she mentioned her boyfriend and she are Skins fans. FTW!!!

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i don't text

Let me know about any pillages in the stadium. I'm having a somber night tonight, need something comedic to cheer me up.

I wish there was a pillage in the Stadium tonight. I highly doubt that it would happen tonight. I honestly think there isn't one for the rest of the off season. Things aren't looking up for us Caps fans right now.

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I'd feel better about pillaging if I wasn't so disappointed with the Caps and their season ending. You know what will make me feel better, some NHL 08...at least those Caps in-game made it to the ECF before losing to the Hurricanes in 6 games.

Lol at this guy. "why can girls call their friends girlfirend where guys cant call their friends boyfriends"

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My fellow comrades, I am prepared to lead an army in to battle. Ix SS and ljs, Prepare for a night of drunken pillaging :D

Bring it. Where to?

I need some excitement. It's JC's fault that the Caps lost. I hope everyone knows that.

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