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If any of you here have salmon croquettes in your repertoire, next time, instead of using regular breadcrumbs, crush up some Ritz crackers and throw them in there instead, with a little crushed red pepper, lee and perrins, old bay, seasoning salt, and onion salt. Damn I can cook.

That's what I use for any kind of fish cakes.

Tip: to crush the Ritz into perfect crumbs in about 2 seconds, pick up an unopened sleeve, and push both ends together (accordion style) in your hands. Poof.

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In celebration of their 5th year in Japan, Burger King Japan is once offering an all-you-can-eat Whopper buffet for a limited time at participating location. The promotion will run in two segments.

The first starts this Saturday, November 17 and runs through November 21, from 2pm to 11pm. According to RocketNews24, the deal is any customer who orders and finishes a Kuro ("black") Burger combo meal for 880 yen (~$10.83 US) will have 30 minutes to down as many Whoppers, fries, onion rings, and/or Cokes as he/she likes for no additional charge.

Imagine if they had this in America :ols:

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Never been much of a beer fan but have been getting interested in a lot more of the finer spirits i.e. bourbon, rum and gin

Try these 5 Bourbons if you can find them, you'll never look back.

George T. Stagg

William Larue Weller

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old

Jeffersons Presedential 17 or 18 Year Old

Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Old

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I still can't believe, after everything we've seen of him, people still want Tebow on this team. He sucks. Even worse, he sucks and is one of the most popular athletes in this country. Why would anyone think bringing him here would be a good idea. I am glad that he requested a trade out of that NY hellhole, but he should've done it a long time ago, to save himself some frustration. No one is going to trade anything for his bum ass other than a Tootsie Roll wrapper.

He's a great guy. He has an amazing life ahead of him after football, which (if no one is dumb enough to pick him up) could be in a few months. Let it go.

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