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Thanks for the input guys.

It isn't really even getting the bills paid because it's part time :ols:

Miserable aspects: ever see a TSA agent? Seriously though, there is no common sense allowed and there is a litany of red tape. Everyone is miserable, the hours suck, the job itself is mind-numbing, they won't respect employees' needs (you need to plan vacations 6 months out to get your days off), etc.

I might go in tomorrow...I'm not sure. I'm getting down thinking about it :shot:

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Figure out ways to better handle/eliminate stress after work, and figure out ways to make your day at work less stressful, no matter how little it may seem. I've worked at some pretty ****ty places over the years, and over that time I've learned just to mentally block stuff out, no matter how bad it gets. Just bust your ass, don't think about it, and do things that make you feel better once you get off.

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I'm currently working for TSA in a part time capacity. I'm ****ing miserable. I get depressed just thinking about having to go in even if I'm on my "weekend". I'm on the verge of going in tomorrow and resigning. Not having a job at the moment isn't ideal (life is expensive and there is rent to pay), but I'll be getting student loans in a few weeks that would be equivalent to me working at TSA for 5 months. I can use this as a safety net until I find another job.

What should I do? I've never been so miserable working somewhere. I've done the retail thing, the working on holidays thing, cleaning up floors and stocking at Walgreens, etc., and I've never felt like this. Should I go ahead and make my full time job finding one? I have a safety net. Yes, it's more ideal to find another job while being employed, but I'm losing it.

Thanks for any opinions.

Just keep working there and keep looking for another job. I'm not a fan of quitting a job without something else lined up. Even if you have the safety net, I wouldn't do it. Because you could have some unexpected expense pop up.
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Every Browns fan should've realized right at the moment that Brandon Weeden got trapped under that flag, that he was going to play like garbage. Have fun with your 50 year old qb, Cleveland.

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Backing in


Every obnoxious Ravens fan right now

I think I could get used to that for the forseeable future

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I'm pissed off that I missed it last night. Didn't even know about it. We're gonna mix up some hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps and watch round 2 tonight.

OK, so we did this on Friday night. The "shower" was lame. Only saw 3 in an hour of viewing and it was cold as hell, but that hot chocolate/ Pep Schnapps mixture was a winner. Can't believe I had never tried it before. It's like drinking melted Andes. Just awesome.

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