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Yessir Bring on the over-excessive beer commercials, "Ford Truk" commercials, witty car insurance commercials, "Eat like a man!" weight loss commercials, erectile dysfunction commecials (pretty much a commercial break every 3 minutes), and Faith Hill for like the 20th year in a row. All joking aside, I'm looking forward to some of the more humorous commecials this season. I think the best one from last season (discounting the Super Bowl) would probably have to be the Dean Winters "Blindspot" Allstate commercial. I'm starting to like the new "Ticket Oak" commercials as well. The Most Interesting Man In The World Dos Equis stuff is kinda played out though.

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Anybody stupid enough to get a "delay of game" penalty...NTM twice in a game...smh

That's a penalty I never understood. How do you get that penalty?

Let's think this through. You break out of the huddle, the offensive playcaller has given you the play in your ear. You can see the clock in the end zone. They have that for every stadium. The game clock more than allows enough time, so how do you not get the play off in time?

Basically no one should be getting that penalty, unless you are intentionally doing it to back yourself up even more. I've seen that happen a few times. But, in normal situations, there is no excuse for that.

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It's a stunningly gorgeous day and there's one of the best Rod Run custom/classic car shows on the west coast happening on the peninsula this weekend and I will be up to my neck in free BBQ, awesome babes, and amazing cars. Life is good.

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I moved to Boston a week ago today to live with my girlfriend. I took her to the airport this morning for an out of town wedding (she'll be back early Tuesday), and I am at a complete loss as to what to do with myself :kickcan:

Just don't do this....

(Language NSFW)

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Every time I hear this song, I get goosebumps when it starts. Then I get them again when Slick Rick starts flowing....

Yeah, that entire album is money. Even though it's a lot shorter compared to the other songs, No Hay Nada Mas is my favorite track off of The Ecstatic.

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