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respect. you're a man amongst men :)
I love those! Its about the only thing I like from BK.

I think part of the allure (besides the fact that it's awesome) is that it's almost like ordering it off of the black market when you go to inside to order, since it's not on the "Official" menu anymore. At one point, I wasn't even sure if they still sold it, but I asked a guy about it 4-5 months ago, and he said "yeah," kind of in a hushed voice. I got two, and inhaled. Took me few days to recover, but it was worth it.

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I tried the McRib last year...it ran through me faster than Usain Bolt.

Pretty much anything McD's does that to me, which is why I don't eat there for the most part. It's funny, because I could eat all different types of resturant/fast foods, and that doesn't happen, at all. If I even think of a Quarter Pounder, I get the bg's

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Damn, dude. Heal up fast.

Did you come down on someone's foot?

Thanks man. Gonna be drinking lots of milk.

Yeah pretty sure I did, was playing 5 on 5. Went up for a pump fake, came down and boom. Just thought I sprained it really bad, apparently not. In retrospect I shouldn't have been playing cuz I had some tendonitis in there. Going to see a foot and ankle specialist tomorrow. ER doc said I have a chipped fibula, which is what he guessed it was by the x-rays, usually don't require surgery. Gonna see.

So today I get to sit on the couch with a walking boot and my foot elevated. Wish there were an Orioles game dang it. Gonna take a few days off from work at the least. Bummer, bad timing. Looking at houses and gonna be turning 30 in August, had plans to come home then go to Vegas. Hopefully I can walk by August 14. :fingersx:

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i just want to say that it's ****ed up that the govt can take so much money for going 50 mph in a sneak attack 40 mph zone.

There are speed cameras everywhere these days. I don't even do 10 over in most areas, unless it's to keep up with traffic.

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I don't know how it is in other places, but in the DMV, they have the radar enforced signs letting you know that they could be around, so I slow down. That is mainlly on city streets. On the highway, I am in the left lane and try not to go 10 over. In DC 13 over is reckless driving.....

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Crossing my fingers for my fiance's hopefully final walk through on the house she's trying to buy. Things work out,she closes inside of a week or so. :fingersx:

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