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I really wish those commercials for "Last House on the Left" and "Haunting in Connecticut" would stop playing while I'm alone in my apartment at 1158pm...creepy.

those movies are all so lame though. They really build the hype up to make you wanna see it, and then when you see it, you realize that the scariest parts were already shown in the previews. Waste of 10 bucks every time.

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today got in a fight with my gf, and now shes out with all our friends partying, while im home sulking on the pretense i had to study, which im not doing now...

am i a ****ing moron (like she claimed)?

I don't know. Maybe I could give an opinion if you explained the argument but since you didn't do that in the first place, I would say she's right :evilg:
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My gf has been incredibly unbearable the last 2 nights. First she is a total rude ***** at dinner last night b/c i invited a mutual friend last minute, the same friend we have over every monday to watch 24, he lives in the same community, is here often etc.

Dinner ended up being more expensive than anticipated b/c we got drinks etc, she did not drop the attitude until way after dinner, nothing got resolved until today before the maryland game.

After that terrible loss, i tell her im going to study before i decide to go out or not with the rest of our friends (i have a bunch of exams coming up this week). She had already made plans to go out regardless. She was looking for her camera, claimed i lost it... even tho she had it last. Calls me a ****ing moron for losing it... turns out it was under the couch where she was looking at the pics the other day....

So i counter with the "man you've been such a ***** lately"

She didn't like that, we argued over this stupid reason, but she decides to go out and asks me if i want to go. Stubbornly i say no, pretext of staying in to study (not happening right now)

I think i've answer my own question. I should have just gone out, probably needed a beer more than anything.

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