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For anyone planning on taking a little evening cruise on the Beltway (450 Northbound near Exit 15), don't...

Just got back from picking my brother up and it is one son of a ***** out there. Fed Ex traffic notwithstanding, there is a nasty 2 car accident where they were using the jaws of life to pry a guy out of his car. Numerous firetrucks/police/ambulance. Had to keep my head on a swivel, smh.

Great game by the Skins today. Hopefully we can go into Big D and kick some Cowboy ass, preferably after another loss to the 9ers...

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I wonder if the NFL has at least 2 more commercial breaks built into every game that Fat Haynesworth plays. He's good for at least 2 "injury" breaks a game where he is sucking wind and the training staff comes on to assist his fat worthless ass of the field.

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I get so damn tired at 10 / 11 now

Probably wont' make it to the end of MNF tomorrow, got to rise and grind for Tuesday events

Wow, man. It says you're 26. But you act like you're about 80, always complaining of being tired and whatnot.:pfft: Edited by Bubble Screen
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It's like reverse-ACW-summer syndrome

Everyone starting to bundle up and wear hoodies now.

One of the best things about football is watching these games on TV as it gets dark. Love the 4:15 time slot (3:30 PM for college), getting dark and it's an amazing environment. Still remember UGA / UF last year, getting dark around 6 PM, overtime going on, crowd blaring. Good games

I hate Redskins 1 PM starts

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