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Random Thought Thread

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What'd I miss? :(

Not much, we had a guy who said he'd um.. orally pleasure a QB and a Coach if they won the super bowl, that thread was locked, and then he started another one called "I'm completely serious, you can't hide this" or something...

We had another Mods are ******* thread

And then we had another member who blacked out and had an out of body experience and immediately went on ES instead of to a doctor...

All in like a 3 hour period

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about 25 posts in...

A couple posts that I can remember:

"I wonder if a NFCC game would constitute a handjob"

To which he replied: "No I want winners"

I chimed in with:

"You know, you're 18, you should go to some college parties and practice a little, nobody likes a rookie. Practice, practice, practice"

There were some others which I was just dying but I can't remember.

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