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Jesus. Is anyone else watching the College World Series right now?

This is one helluva game 1! Going into the top of the 11.

yep, South Carolina refuses to lose. And now they have taken the lead. They are gonna go back-to-back. :cool:

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South Carolina wins. They are ridiculous. So fun to watch.

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Anyone listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album yet?

I don't think they'll ever stop surprising their audience.

I tried to get into Arctic Monkeys but I couldn't... Had it on my Ipod for a good year and just started skipping the songs when they came up

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:high5: if so.

Nah. I'm no worried about that right now. I just explained to her that I'm an idiot and some other things, and I think I got through to her. :D

I want her back, and I think I might get that. :fingersx:

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More than likely, the Democrats in this state are going to pass an actual State Budget today -- before the new fiscal year begins. They will do it again without a single Yea vote from the GOP.

The new budget won't raise taxes - or even extend the ones (that should be extended) that are expiring July 1. It will rely on major cuts to the education system (amongst other things) in this state.


Stupid ****ing useless California GOP. Why can't you moderate and actually compromise?

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Roughly 4% of the Earth has an antipole (corresponding land on the opposite side of the earth).

So if you dug through the ground in an attempt to get to China, 96% of the time you would end up in the water.

I wonder where the kids in China try to dig too?

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How awesome is this?


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