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I'm hungry...thinking about getting a pizza; though I'm having trouble figuring out from where I'll order.

Pizza Hut is the least expensive, but they completely botched my order last time...

I've recently re-discovered Papa John's. I had forgotten how amazing this stuff is. John's Favorite is da bomb.

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I'd agree.

Nirvana, Nevermind, a top 5 album of all time. Not a question, just a thought.

Musically, no. Influence, debatable. No more important album of the last 20 years.

Cheers top 5, probably.

Seinfeld, Andy Griffith, Cheers, Arrested Development, I Love Lucy or Mary Tyler Moore with All in the Family outside the bubble...off the top of my head.

So between BC and Northeastern, our last two games have been 7-6 OT and 7-7 OT with one more here Saturday night.

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Haha I wish...it was Lumazul...but it's a cool bottle it says "unleash the wolf" sooo...guess we did that? :cheers:

Not always...most of the time though :silly:

Lol.. patron chilled is drink of choice. Unleash the wolf does sound kinda cool tho. Have to check it out and see what its about. Patrons been good to me tho. Some other kinds not so much with bad mornings lol

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Go on...

Dunno, it was just a good day, very relaxing, blissful, the weather had a lot to do with it obviously. Everyone just seemed real chill yesterday. Work was stress free, I played basketball with some of my coworkers after we got off, then we went to go see The Rite ( great movie BTW ). Everywhere I went, people just seemed really upbeat today. It's a far cry from the usual chaotic hustle and bustle in the DC area.

Theres just nothing like cruising with the windows down, letting that air whip your face, while listening to White Shadows by Coldplay.

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It's almost 4 in the morning and I'm still awake, sober. I really need to sleep.

I'm in the same boat, although I'm not entirely sober. Just watch TV or a movie or something, until you fall asleep, or take some pills. I have bouts with insomnia every now and then, and normally, thats what I do.

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M*A*S*H was probably the worst show ever. Seriously, if I had ever done anything bad as a kid, I couldn't think of any worse punishment than forcing me to watch that garbage.

Here's the thing about M*A*S*H: it's one of those unique products that went from a book to a movie to a TV show; and each is progressively worse than the last. The book is one of the funniest things I've ever read in my life. The movie, while a classic, isn't as a good as the book. The TV show is a bit different. I would watch the reruns when they'd come on TV Land as a kid, and they'd usually show them in chronological order. The best way to determine a good episode from a bad episode is this:

1.) If Col. Henry Blake/Trapper John is there, it's probably gonna be good

2.) If Hunnicut is still clean shaven, you're still in pretty safe territory

3.) If Gary Burghoff (Radar) isn't in the cast anymore, for I wouldn't bother watching if I were you

4.) If the credits says "Directed by Alan Alda" for God's sake GET TO THE REMOTE!

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