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This chick Sammi on Jersey Shore is such a dumbass that I can't even fathom it. Here's the story: Sammi's boyfriend (Ronnie) cheated on her w/ multiple girls, so the other girls in the house write Sammi an anonymous letter explaining what Ronnie did. Sammi gets the note and gets a little mad at Ronnie who gets mad at whoever wrote the anonymous note. Ronnie then convinces Sammi that whoever wrote the note is worse of a person than he is because they couldn't talk to her face to face. HE ****ING CHEATED ON YOU!!!! WITH MULTIPLE GIRLS!!!!!!! And somehow you are more angry that someone told you about it than you are at him for cheating on you??!?!!? WTF????????????????

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Low End Theory is a bit better than Midnight Marauders.

It's apples and oranges, both are classic. And of course you can never argue personal preference. I just happen to think the production on Midnight Marauders is crisper, the samples have a little more bang to them. Plus Tip and Phife upped their bars. But like I said...apples and oranges. "Excursions" and "Buggin' Out" might be my favorite two songs to start an album though. I give you props for knowing ATCQ like that for being such a young dude.

Enter the Wu: 36 Chambers, The Infamous, Stakes Is High, and 93 'til Infinity are the other albums in my top 5.

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Why the **** did DC get rid of Fenty? The guy wasn't perfect, but he was doing a decent enough job to be reelected.

One, first post in thread says no political talk

Two, despite the warning of no political talk, he was an elitist and out of touch with the muggles

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Search engine has been sketchy since the update and cannot find the Ochocinco Twitter Thread in ATN

So just going to post this here

OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco

How in the hell did i make the top 5 most disliked athletes in the world? Who the f@#k did the voting for this shh!! Damit, what i do wrong?

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