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Am I the only one who's wondering if a rule (or at least it's interpretation) changed this year?

I seem to see a lot of plays where a defender gets both hands on a QB, pulls him completely off his feet, spind him around 360 degrees, but before he hits the ground, the QB twitches his arm in the general direction of the line (the ball hits the ground slightly past the line), and the officials call it an incomplete pass.

No "He was down". No "Grounding". He gets to try again.

I saw it twice in this game.

I guess this means defenders are now allowed to unload on the QB to prevent that, right?

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I guess not, Larry. Late in the TB/NO game somebody got hold of Brad Johnson with one hand, then grabbed him with the second hand and slammed him down. But during the tackle BJ managed to shove the ball off, so of course the defender got called for a PF. That call allowed the Bucs to kick the tying field goal as time expired, though they squandered the gift in OT.

Hey, where's One Dollar anyway?

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Larry, I guess you are referring to the fumble which Bailey ran in for a TD. Art already adressed that in his bad officiating thread and I agree there are only two possible calls and the refs bungled that one. Even if it wasn't a fumble this clearly should have been intentional grounding, no way in hell should this have been called and incomplete pass.

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